Call to Order

The meeting was held at Lakeview Bank on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, and called to order by Rick Bowles at 7:10 pm.

Board Members in Attendance

Rick Bowles, Beth Breeden, Kyle Bahr, John Currie, Greg Cardinal and Pat Leitschuh

September Minutes

A motion was made to approve the October meeting minutes by Greg, seconded by John and unanimously approved.

Business Meeting

  • Finance Report: 1) Greg handed out a Treasurer’s report for October. Our beginning bank balance as of 10/1/17 was $57,497.14. After checks written of $169.95 and interest earned of $19.33, our current balance is $57,346.52. A motion was made by John to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Kyle and unanimously approved.

2) Greg shared that he procured a debit card for recurring CLIA expenses. 3) Kyle surfaced the idea of setting up the CLIA website to accept credit card payments for association dues, donations, etc. Charges for processing would be approximately 3% of the dollar amount and .30 per transaction. Greg will check with Lisa from Lakeview Bank to see if there are any additional fees or transaction limits. The board will review at our next meeting and make a decision. 4) As part of the discussion, Beth noted that the CLIA could use this payment method to accept donations from individuals and organizations. Beth noted that the Lake Marion website has numerous business sponsors and that may be a way for the CLIA to recognize local businesses and raise revenue for lake improvement projects. Beth will research further and make a proposal at our next meeting.

  • AIS Grant: Rick shared that Mike received approval for a 2018 AIS grant he submitted through Dakota County. Total amount is up to $19,000 with 50% funded by the county. Mike will lay out a plan for 2018 to ensure we maximize the available funds. Rick will forward a copy of the grant to board members for their review.
  • Communications/Website 1) Email was sent out Wednesday afternoon reminding residents of the 12/1 deadline for 2017 weed rebates; four rebate requests received prior to the meeting. Final follow-up email will be sent out in 2-3 weeks. 2) Beth proposed sending out an email reminding residents of the city meeting scheduled for Thursday, 11/9 from 4-6 pm at city hall. Meeting is designed to gather resident feedback on a proposed ordinance change for moving up the start times for higher watercraft speeds. Recommended that language from city letter be used in the email and include the link for residents to complete the online survey. 3) Rick shared photo of a large amount of leaves that accumulated in front of a resident’s shoreline. It is thought that a nearby neighbor blew the leaves from their lawn into the lake. Bath will include as second topic with the above email. Pat will contact the city to see if there is an ordinance addressing this issue. 4) Kyle has created a new website for the CLIA and will send link to the board for their review and feedback. He will move hosting to a new company with first year annual fees of $72 and following years at $132.  Everyone was comfortable with the expenditure. Proposed launch and communication to residents will be January 2018.
  • Fish Management: Kyle received a response to his introductory email to DNR Fisheries, inquiring about fish management and stocking options for Crystal Lake. The DNR is busy through November and willing to meet with members of the CLIA in December. Recommended that the meeting be with a smaller group, not the entire board. Rick expressed an interest in attending the meeting along with Kyle and Pat.
  • New Business: 1) Rick proposed canceling the December meeting since it is such a busy time of year with little activity to address. 2) Rick asked for feedback on continuing the CLIA sponsored programs from 2017 of weed rebates for residents as well as the funding of residential algae treatments. Discussed by the group that the CLIA should provide rebates up to 50% of cost ($100 maximum) and fund up to two algae treatments, same as 2017. A motion to approve was made by Rick, seconded by Greg and unanimously approved.



The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Greg, seconded by Beth, unanimously approved and adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Pat Leitschuh