Crystal Lake Improvement Association (CLIA)

Board of Directors Meeting

May 9, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was held at Lakeview Bank on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, and called to order by Greg at 7:05pm.

Present at meeting

Greg Cardinal, Michael Huges, Jon Vinovich, Dave Smith, Kyle Bahr, Rob Lambert, and Kathryn Wells


Nomination for President: Greg – Nominated by Mike, 2nd by Dave

Nomination for Secretary: Rob – Nominated by Ray, 2nd by Kyle

Nomination for Vice President: Chris – Nominated by Kyle, 2nd Jon

Nomination for Treasurer: Dave – Nominated by Kate, 2nd Mike

Vote for full slate: Approved 7-0

Fill Open Committee Spots

Governance, Finance & Compliance: Dave

Communications, Website, & Member Relations: Open

Algae & Weed Management: Mike, Kate

Fish Management: Rob

Committee Updates

Treasure Report:

Dues Collected, $6300.00 from 126 lake residents

Motion to accept report made by Mike, 2nd by Kyle. Approved 7-0

Communications Report:

Spring Clean-up scheduled for May 19th. New website is up and running. Photos will be added of fish stocking.  

External Relations:

Grant update

Seeking study for erosion milfoil

A sufficient number of signed permits were received for algae treatment

Looking into zebra muscles detectors tracking program

City of Burnsville receiving grant to have inspector at boat launch on holidays/weekends

No zebra muscles currently in Crystal Lake. If needed, a zebra muscle treatment would be around $14,000

The swim buoys at Crystal Lake Beach will be installed with the buoys moved on the Northwest end of the beach near the canoe racks to make landing a powerboat possible.  

Algae & Weed Management:

Permit forms need to be gathered from Pat

John will be point person for permits

Fish Management:

Crappies not available for stocking

Discussed slot rules regarding walleye fishing

Discussed adding sign to Crystal Lake Beach designating boat landing area

New Business

Aquatic Invasive Species brochure created by Dakota County

Need for box to be installed at boat landing and for it to be stocked

Monthly CLIA meetings will take place on the first Wednesday of first month.  In the event the meeting falls on a holiday, a communication will go out with a rescheduled date

Meeting notes will be sent to Lakeview Bank for transfer of names on CLIA account to new President (Greg Cardinal) and new Treasurer (Dave Smith)

Meeting Adjourned

Motion by Kyle, 2nd by Mike.  Approved 7-0

Meeting notes submitted by Rob Lambert, June 4, 2018.