Crystal Lake Improvement Association (CLIA)

Board of Directors Meeting

February 7, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was held at Lakeview Bank on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, and called to order by Rick Bowles at 7:08 pm.

Board Members in Attendance

Rick Bowles, Beth Breeden, Mike Hughes, Chris Peterson, Kyle Bahr, Greg Cardinal and John Currie. (In Pat Leitschuh’s absence, John served as secretary.

January Minutes

A motion was made to approve the November meeting minutes by John, seconded by Rick and unanimously approved.

Business Meeting

  • Finance Report: 1) Greg handed out Treasurer’s reports for January. Our beginning bank balance as of 1/31/18 was $54,868.83. After interest earned of $18.68, our current balance as of 1/31/18 is $54,887.51. A motion was made by Rick to accept the Treasurer’s reports, seconded by Kyle and unanimously approved. 2) Greg noted that as of February, the interest rates at the bank have changed to a sliding rate based upon average account balance.  

    Secretary’s Note: 4) At the October meeting, Kyle brought up for discussion setting up the CLIA website to accept credit card payments for association dues, donations, etc., with concomitant fees. We agreed to continue only taking check payments and not take on the additional work and fees of credit cards.

  • Annual CLIA Member Meeting: Thanks to Chris’ efforts, this will be held on Tuesday, April 24, from 6:00-8:00 PM at:

    Dakota County Library, Burnhaven Branch, 1101 Cty. Rd. 42 W., Burnsville, MN  55306We discussed at length the idea and reasons for raising member dues for 2018. We decided not to push for it this year but will introduce it as part of the April meeting agenda. Rick will present the issue and reasons to consider an increase, such as the fish stocking program, a zebra mussels invasion, etc., and invite member feedback.

  • Communications/Website: 1) Kyle is still working on completing the new site. Our overall goal is to get the site completed and up prior to our member meeting in April so that our members will have an opportunity to see it and render opinions. 2) We agreed to Kyle’s suggestion that we send an email blast out monthly as a “save the date” entreaty as well as providing any other relevant data––such as alerting them of the board membership opportunities opening up.  There also will be a final reminder email sent one week prior to our annual meeting

    In the last board meeting minutes, it was noted that Kyle still needed titles, pictures and committee assignments to update board information for the website. He has since set everyone a link to the website along with what information is needed and due date. Individual board members still need to follow up with Kyle.

  • Annual Mailing: 1) We reviewed the letter that Rick drafted for the annual mailing prior to the February meeting. Rick will finalize his edits and then send it to the whole board via email for final review and approval. 2) The Algae Treatment & Rebate program will be repeated in 2018, so this is also to be communicated to all CLIA members. Mike will look into whether or not the separate weed and algae treatments will require separate permit applications or if they can be made on the same application. Regardless of the answer, we will include the application form(s) in our pre-meeting email to members.
  • Fish Management: A motion was made by Mike to proceed with a plan to spend $3000.00 in 2018 for Walleye stocking in the Spring and committing to a three-year soft agreement to do so. It was seconded by Chris. If Kyle recommends proceeding with this secondary stocking with an additional fee, Rick will send out an email to the board, soliciting a vote via email. The number of fish depends on the size of fish purchased. Bigger fish = fewer fish.  
  • Lake Boat Speed Change: We acknowledged that the city council decided to keep all lake speeds the same.
  • New Business: John brought up the issue of the “seeping” or “leaching” culvert underneath the land bridge to Maple Island. He feels that whatever it is supposed to do, it seems to be doing little to nothing––and our lake and members suffer because of it. Is it possible that the City of Burnsville will pay for an annual cleaning as an effort to increase and improve the flow of water from one bay to the other, help reduce the incidence of algae and weeds aggravated by the dead water? John expressed a serious interest in pursuing this further. Rick volunteered Mike to initiate a conversation with Daryl of the City of Burnsville about this.


The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Chris, seconded by Mike, unanimously approved and adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted on Feb. 13, 2018

John Currie

Temporary Acting Secretary