Crystal Lake Improvement Association (CLIA)

Board of Directors Meeting

April 11, 2018

Call to Order

The meeting was held at Lakeview Bank on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, and called to order by Rick Bowles at 7:05 pm.

Board Members in Attendance

Rick Bowles, Mike Hughes, Kyle Bahr, John Currie, Chris Peterson, Greg Cardinal, and Pat Leitschuh

March Board Meeting Minutes

A motion was made to approve the March meeting minutes by Chris, seconded by Rick and unanimously approved.

Business Meeting

  • Finance Report:
    Greg reviewed the Treasurer’s report for the month of March. Our beginning bank balance as of 3/1/18 was $55,486.77. After interest earned of $29.28 and deposits of $5,900.00, our current balance as of 3/31/18 is $61,416.05. A motion was made by Rick to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Chris and unanimously approved.
  • Spring Mailing:
    Greg shared results of our spring mailing. Out of 185 letters sent to residents, 135 were returned, a 73% response rate. 130 weed and/or algae permits were signed, a 70% response. Finally, dues were received from 121 residents, a 65% response. These response rates are identical to the 2017 results at this same time last year.
  • Annual Meeting:
    1) Rick emailed a draft of the annual meeting presentation to all members, Kyle converted the PPT presentation to a google doc so the presentation can be accessed and edited by each member through the link he provided. 2) The meeting agenda and presentation/slide editing responsibilities were reviewed.

    The list of duties is as follows:
    – Introduction and Overview – Rick
    – Finance (includes proposed expenses for 2018) – Greg
    – Algae & Weed Management – Chris
    – Fish Management – Kyle
    – Communications/Website/Upcoming Events – John, Kyle, Beth
    – Board Nominations –Beth, Pat
    – City of Burnsville – Daryl
    – Election Results – Beth, Pat

    3) Board members are asked to edit slides no later than end of day Sunday, 4/15 so final edits can be made by Rick and Kyle in the week leading up to the meeting. 4) From the March meeting, Jon volunteered to bring coffee and cookies for approx. 50 meeting attendees. Pat will purchase bottled water.


The motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 was made by Chris, seconded by Rick and unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Leitschuh