Who does what when it comes to lake weeds?

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
6 months ago | April 8, 2021

Lake weeds can be frustrating and a mystery when it comes to who takes care of what.  Here is a quick overview to untangle the weed confusion.

What are the lake issues?

  • We have two types of algae:
    • Filamentous
    • Planktonic
  • We have three main weeds:
    • Coontail
    • Curly leaf pond
    • Eurasian Milfoil


Here is a quick summary of who does what when it comes to weed and algae management:


  • ○Around late May/early June, the City of Burnsville will hire J&N Harvesting to harvest CLP in the main lake and bays up to 150 ft. from the shoreline.


  • ○We handle Algae treatment for the lake.  We can do so with the signed permits you include with your membership payment as long as a majority of residents sign the permit. 
  • ○Eurasian Water Milfoil


  • Homeowners can contract directly with vendors to handle weed management within 150 ft. of their shorelines.
    • ○Harvesting 2,500 sq. ft. or less does not require a DNR permit
  • Vendors send letters in January or February for you to sign up if you wish to harvest MORE than 2500 sq ft of your shoreline. Harvesting more than 2500 sq ft does require a DNR permit. Vendors will guide you as to what you need to do for the permit.  These vendors have included:
    • ○Lake Restoration
    • ○Lake Management
    • ○J&N Harvesting
    • ○NOTE:  You may also use other vendors of your choice but do note the DNR guidelines.

QUESTIONS?  Use the contact form or email CLIA and we will try to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.