City of Burnsville NEWS for Crystal Lake

Posted by Crystal Lake Improvement Association
3 months ago | July 8, 2022

The City of Burnsville had about 15 homes request weed pick-ups following the harvesting.  They plan to use the same pick-up process in the future.  

There have been concerns expressed about whether the new water outlet structure has been affecting the level of the lake.  We have been assured by the city that the width of the outlet has been increased from 12.6 to 20 feet, but this should only quicken drainage after high-water events.  “The outlet elevation itself did not change, meaning the lake level is not being dropped by a change in runout elevation, rather only by evaporation and lack of precipitation. With the drought occurring at the same time as the weir widening, it would make it seem like the outlet is dropping water levels, but it is just unique timing.”